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Feb 17 2011 12:40PM Posted by Margaret
Winning is when you choose to change.
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Dec 22 2010 11:12PM Posted by Margaret Nelson
Today, I'm on my 8th day of not smoking.  Right?  How can I call myself a healer and still be smoking.  Well, its complicated, I'm complicated . . . actually they really have nothing to do with each other but the point is I've now stopped.  I feel fantastic having jumped the hurdle.  I just want to say, you have to be ready.  No more excuses ready.  Next thing I knew the universe supplied me with the right people in my path and one week later, I had stopped.  Isn't that amazing.  I love this world.   
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My healing gift though born from tragedy in 1968 (my story is not unique) placed me on a different path from what I refer to as my destiny.   Luckily it placed me on a spiritual journey that forty years later I would not trade for anything.  It was rough in the beginning.  I was bitter, angry, and yes becoming fairly crazy until the pain of my insides was not matching my smile on the outside and I couldn't fake it anymore.  It was now 1986.  I had divorced my husband and was in the middle of a financial crisis raising two children by myself, when I got distracted, fell and ended up at a quack chiropractor who in six sessions broke my back. The pain was so bad that I was bedridden for 10 months.  During those months, I was guided to see a healer by a friend.  Her name was Dorothy McKensie who had been taught by Paramahansa Yogananda.  At my last session, she told me that her guides told her that I had a gift for healing and that I would be myself a healer one day.  

So lets back up a little.  Yes I had experienced deja vu in Rome at the age of twelve.  Yes, I had a deep belief in a God for no reason.  It had been there from the day I was born.  I had begun to have visions of other people's past lives in full color at 27.  Because I had children, I had naturally learned how to heal their various mishaps through the energy in my hands.  I had begun meditating ceremoniously at around that time.  But, no one had ever suggested that I could heal.  It  was beyond my comprehension but soon I was receiving guidance from higher beings and experiencing magical moments in nature and suddenly, I knew things without understanding how.  But, even though all of this was my experience, I could not fathom myself a healer.  I still ignored the calling kicking and bucking all the way.

But as they say, the path always gets narrower and soon, my life didn't fit in anywhere.  My psychic talents and empathy were increasing.  My inability to hold down what I would call a "normal" job was also increasing.  Finally, after many years of a personal discipleship to the Masters, totally self taught and unschooled because of an inherent desire to maintain a pure and innocent approach to my own gifts, I began my practice.  Since that time, I have physically healed hundreds of people from all walks of life and all ages while providing spiritual guidance to hundreds more.  My wisdom and spiritual sight have provided the foundation upon which so many of my clients have built their own temple of enlightenment and personal growth. 

My philosophy does not steer anyone towards a specific religion, but utilizes the teachings of all the healing and metaphysical arts to attain the ultimate truth and perspective; happiness is an inner journey expressed by awakening the spirit.  Although I have always based my knowledge on the bible, Paramahansa Yogananda's teachings and St. Theresa, the Little Flower, my expansion into the messages from other spiritual beings has enhanced my abilities to see exactly where clients are out of balance and stuck, bogged down in spiritual dross.  At that point, I can work the energetic pathways to release what no longer is serving the body, mind or spirit.  I'm developing now a specific talent for releasing deep blocks - the ones that no matter what you do, won't go away - so that clients are finding relief they have been searching for their entire life.  This is so gratifying to me.
In 2009 Margaret took a trip to New Mexico where her burning desire to make real a vision she had received of a Cosmic Healing Center as a non profit organization would not let her rest.  Thus, the beginning of the Christa Maria Foundation was begun.  The Foundation would be two fold: -a place of continual healing practice and a Non Profit Foundation dedicated to the healing arts and to service to the many who have financial problems. 
Margaret currently resides in Sedona, Arizona, where she continues to practice her healing and is well respected by a community of some of the most profound healers in the world.  "I was literally picked up one day by God and placed in Sedona.  Here, I have learned beyond my own belief, the power of faith in healing.  My medical intuitive prowess is growing in leaps and bounds and true miracles are happening everyday.  I have helped many who were near death, regain their health and return to their normal lives with a profound sense of loving themselves and personal power.  I know now this is what I was intended to do in this world."  

I welcome all who have a sincere desire to get well, to please contact me either on this web page or through my email at 
“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” -Dalai Lama

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