Christa Maria Foundation
The greatest gift and mission of the Christa Maria Foundation is that of being in service. The services that Margaret offers are not quantifiable. In order to better serve, she is offering for the first time her gifts to those who have tried everything, only to realize the same cycles continually repeat themselves or the pain will not cease. Margaret is not claiming to miraculously heal any person from a life threatening disease, though it is happening everyday, but instead offers the insight to encourage one to heal themselves. The mind, body and spirit are intimately connected. One can not exist without the other and the whole is the miracle in and of itself. Therefore, Margaret is offering the following services as a way of connecting the pieces and healing the pain...these services are:
HEALING:a physical, hand and body work coupled with a medical intuitive gift along with compassion and understanding. 
READINGS: a reading of ones past, present and future and the steps to take to achieve personal goals
SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE: though interconnected to all of the above, a psychological and spiritual rebirth
CORPORATE ORGANIZATION COUNSELING: a professional training forum
“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” -Dalai Lama

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