Christa Maria Foundation
  • "After two bilateral knee surgeries four months apart, I was in pain and felt hopeless and depressed.  Through Margaret's healing process my pain has diminished and my depression is gone, her help has been remarkable.  Her spiritual guidance has taught me how to cope with the turmoil that life brings to us.  Margaret is a blessing." -Jeanne


  • "A friend highly recommended Margaret, although I was a skeptic, she said I had nothing to lose.  I have had chronic back pain since a work related accident.   Worrying about becoming addicted to pain medication, I gave Margaret try and I am so glad I did.  Let's put it this way, I am no longer a skeptic.  She is great!" -J. Murphy

  • "Margaret has been one of my closest associates on life's miraculous journey. She has a unique intuitive approach to alternative medicine and has been a central healing force in my own personal health. She will go to any lengths to find a core imbalance and has the ability to direct anyone to a joyful state of natural healing. One day, when I was weak in spirit, she drove me to an art store, handed me money and said in an angelic way, 'Get your canvas, it's waiting for you.' Countless times she has rescued my spirit and life! I have never found her advice to be anything but rejuvenating-she is like a wild, beautiful flower who knows that health, nourishment, and medicine have many unseen dimensions. Most of all, Margaret has been a true friend to me throughout the years and I will always be grateful for that fateful day I knocked on her door looking for a friend." -Carla Duran

  • "Margaret has been a good and loyal friend for over 34 years and I now consider her one of my best friends and true confidant. I have lovingly had the opportunity to see her growth as a healer throughout the years. She senses when I need her most and when I am going through difficult times, she always calls...out of the blue.  I highly recommend Margaret, she has a tremendous gift and above all, a sincere compassion and empathy for guiding me to the truth. -Tina Richards

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” -Dalai Lama

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